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September/October 2020

Find Extra Cash for Retirement

Find Extra Cash for Retirement

If you’re younger than 40, you can probably name a half-dozen reasons why you don’t have to worry now about saving for retirement. Yet, blink and you will find yourself 20 years older and staring retirement in the face.

No More Excuses
The earlier you begin saving regularly—think “today”—the better your chances are that you will retire comfortably. Start by figuring out how and where you spend your money. Are you a willing victim of self-induced lifestyle inflation?

Next, talk to your spouse to determine how much money you need to put away for retirement. Pick a big number—say, 20% of income. This amounts to paying yourself.

Lifestyle Deflation
Now sit down with your family and talk about how you will bring your lifestyle back to Earth to find more money. Do you need to upgrade your home constantly or can you save $50,000 in kitchen renovation costs and make do? The kids don’t need the most expensive sneakers and you don’t need to eat at high-end restaurants regularly. Then, when your paycheck increases, keep your lifestyle at bay and pay yourself more. Stay the course and the retired you will be grateful.


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