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September/October 2020

Lower Auto Insurance Costs

Most states will require that you carry liability coverage. This can prove costly, especially if you are in a higher risk group or have a poor driving record. And if you have a newer car, you may want to carry additional collision and comprehensive insurance to cover your car. There are ways, however, to lower your total insurance costs.

Common Sense
Teens can’t become older drivers overnight to qualify for lower rates, but they can become safer drivers. If you’re young, good grades may get you a better rate. If you’re older, a defensive driving course could lower premiums. Consider dropping collision insurance on older vehicles, since they will drop in value with age. Collision coverage won’t pay more than fair value for a total loss. Bundle other insurance policies with the same insurer for a discount and, in some states, get an additional discount for good credit or improving it. If you’re in the market to buy a car, understand that some models will cost more to insure than others.

Other Ways to Save
Anti-theft devices, low driving mileage and increased deductibles also lower premiums. Ultimately, do your homework when looking for auto insurance and shop around to lower your total expenses.


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