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September/October 2022

Saving for Your Retirement in a Job-hopping World

When you change jobs, you’ll have to decide what to do with your retirement funds, including money you contributed and vested company contributions.

Leaving a job before you’re vested in your employer’s retirement plan can deprive you of contributions your employer made to your account. Here are some options that are typically available:

Cash Out Your Account
Your employer will send you a check for the balance, minus any required tax withholding. If you keep the cash, income taxes may be due. Rules apply, so consult professionals.

Leave it There
This might be a good option if you have a substantial account balance and like the plan’s investment choices, or if your new employer does not offer a similar plan.

Move Money to Your New Employer’s Retirement Plan
Transfer the funds directly to your new account and you’ll avoid tax withholding and delay paying potential taxes and penalties.

Roll Over to an IRA
An IRA may give you a wider range of investment options than you’d have in your employer’s plan, and you’d have full control.


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