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July/August 2023

A Layer of Protection

Stable value funds* contain a diversified portfolio of fixed-income securities designed to help reduce overall portfolio risk while earning returns that mirror those of an intermediate-term bond fund.

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Secure Act 2.0: Boosting Retirement Readiness

The Secure 2.0 Act of 2022 expands some provisions contained in previous versions of the Act and adds some new ones. The goal is to make saving for the future easier. As with all new legislation, the Secure Act 2.0 includes many requirements and variations, so be sure to consult your financial and tax professionals.

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Tax Planning: It Takes a Village

When it comes to determining your business’s income taxes, tax planning can help make the most of deductions and potentially lower your tax bill. By assembling a team of tax, legal and financial professionals, you may be able to create tax strategies that can reduce what you owe.

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Don't Put Off "The Talk"

How much have your parents shared with you about their finances and estate plan? It’s a difficult subject for most families. Parents often don’t want to discuss their personal finances, and adult children may be reluctant to initiate the conversation. Even when parents are active and in good health, it’s important for children to have information about their financial situation and the plans they have in place.

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Welcome to the Sandwich Generation

Approximately one quarter of U.S. adults are members of the “sandwich generation” — individuals who have parents older than 65 and who either are raising at least one child younger than 18 or have provided financial support to an adult child.*

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Inflation and Taxes

Inflation is measured by price changes in a basket of goods and services that represent the everyday purchases of U.S. households. Each year, the IRS makes adjustments for inflation to certain items used to prepare your income tax return.

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Financial Security Begins When You're Young

When you tossed your mortarboard in the air at graduation, you probably weren't thinking about the day you would retire. But planning for retirement starts decades before you ever leave the workforce.

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