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November/December 2023

Age 18? Legally an Adult

You might have a different opinion as a parent, but in most states, 18-year-olds are considered adults. That means you may no longer be able to make medical or financial decisions or access your child’s records without your child’s consent. Before heading to college or moving into an apartment with friends, your child should sign these basic documents, giving you legal rights on your child’s behalf.

Durable Power of Attorney — authorizes you to make financial decisions for your child, including everyday financial tasks (good to have if your child is away at school) or if your child becomes incapacitated. It allows you to pay bills, file taxes, perform banking tasks, apply for government services, etc. It can also give you access to college records.

Health Care Proxy — authorizes you to make medical decisions if your child becomes incapacitated or incompetent and unable to make them. A health care proxy comes into effect only under these circumstances.

HIPAA Release — gives you access to your child’s medical information. The release lets you speak to doctors concerning your child’s health and view medical and billing records. Keep these documents where you can easily access them. Parents should make sure they have these important documents for themselves as well.


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