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March/April 2024

You CAN Organize Your Financial Life

You CAN Organize Your Financial Life

You didn’t plan on your financial and personal records ending up in a free-for-all, but that’s what’s happened. How you wish someone would organize your stuff! Good news! YOU can get your financial records in order! Here are some tips for simplifying your financial life.

Decide on a System
Organize your information by year. Use folders to hold similar information, including tax documents, investment reports, bank statements, etc. Label everything so you can find it easily. Keep all your records in one place, such as a fireproof safe or a filing cabinet.

Create a Backup System
Scan critical financial documents before filing them. Keep them in a password-protected computer file or a removable drive, or store them in the cloud.

Shred any documents with sensitive information that you no longer need.

Put You Financial Life Online
Paperless billing and electronic delivery of bank and investment statements reduce clutter and prevent you from misplacing important bills and documents.

Setting up automatic bill pay can further simplify your finances.

Consider a Safe Deposit Box
You can store critical documents you don’t often need and keep them safe from fire and theft.

Share Your Information
Tell someone you trust where your information is located and how to access it.


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