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January/February 2021

Avoid a Spending Hangover

The holidays are behind you, but chances are paying the bill is not. Starting the New Year with a thoughtful spending plan that makes sense, can help you make progress throughout the year. Include your entire family in the process, to help ensure they are on board with this goal.

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Getting FIRE'd?

FIRE stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. It’s a financial movement growing in popularity as people seek to eliminate debt and build savings so they can retire earlier than usual.

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Organize for Tax Season

Another tax year is in the books and it’s time to get organized. Review the information you needed last year and consider any changes to your situation this year, so you can gather the appropriate documents to make filing your tax return easier.

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Economics 101

With all the government stimulus packages in 2020 to help offset the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, many economists are discussing what it all means for the U.S. economy in the short- and long-term. They use words like inflation, deflation, and hyper-inflation. We’ll explain what these terms mean.

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Pay Off Your Debt

Paying off your debt is a liberating feeling. If your New Year’s resolution is to become debt-free, consider using one of these debt payoff strategies to achieve your goal.

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Which Team Player Do You Need?

Do you need a CFO, a controller, an accountant or a bookkeeper to manage your business’s financial matters? Hiring the right person for the job will help save you time and money.

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Credit Card Lures

Credit card companies attract new customers with enticing offers. If you’ve recently received an offer, beware of these pitfalls.

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Minimum Payment Calculator

Credit card balances are expensive. Consider how much a $1,000 purchase on a credit card charging 20% interest will ultimately cost you and how long it will take to pay it off.*

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Mind the Gap

If you’re looking for a steady source of income before you start collecting Social Security, consider an annuity* to fill the gap.

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Payroll Taxes

Sole proprietors who decide to add employees need to understand payroll taxes.

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