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May/June 2021

Retirement: How Will You Know When You're Ready?

For older generations, choosing a date to retire was a lot less complicated. When you turned 65, you typically said good-bye to your coworkers and left work behind. Today, many people stay in the workforce past age 65. If you're nearing retirement age, answering a few questions may ensure that you're adequately prepared for the future you want.

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Balance Transfers and Your Credit Score

Consolidating credit card balances on a new card with a low promotional rate can save you money. And having a single monthly payment may be easier to manage.

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May is Older Americans Month

A Presidential Proclamation designates May as the month for honoring older people in our communities. It can also serve as a reminder to ask older relatives about their health and finances. Consider talking with loved ones about:

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Charitable Giving: A Win-Win

Is giving to charity on your to-do list? Making a charitable donation to a nonprofit organization allows you to support a cause that's important to you and take a tax deduction

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The Banking Dilemma

Is a traditional bank or an online bank the best choice for you? It may depend on the features that are most important to you.

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Make Your Workplace Benefits Millennial-friendly

Attracting millennials to your company may require more than a competitive salary and a run-of-the-mill benefits package. For millennial employees, a healthy work-life balance can be just as important as a healthy income.

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On Their Own

Student loan debt, job loss during the pandemic, or even fear of being on their own are some of the reasons why many young adults decide to live with their parents. Here are some steps you can take to get your child started along the path to independence.

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Young Adults Living at Home During the Pandemic

Since the pandemic began in the U.S., the percentage of young adults ages 18-29 living with relatives has become a majority. The numbers surpass the previous peak that occurred during the Great Depression.

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Is Insurance Optional?

Everyone hopes to live a long and healthy life. But the fact is, there are no guarantees. Would your family or business survive financially if you died suddenly or your company lost a key employee? Life insurance is designed to provide for families or businesses if the unexpected happens.

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Leave a Legacy

You may think of life insurance as a means to protect your loved ones financially should something happen to you. But life insurance can also be structured to accomplish specific estate planning objectives that reflect your final wishes. As part of an estate plan, life insurance proceeds can be used to:

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