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September/October 2021

Create an Emergency Plan

Create an Emergency Plan

Natural or human-made disasters don’t wait for you to prepare for them. They could happen at any time.

Developing a plan with input from all family members can help with navigating a potentially life-threatening event. These guidelines can get you started.

You Could Be Separated.
Make sure you know how to contact each other. Remind family members to keep important contact information with them even when there’s no emergency. You don’t know when you might need it.

Designate a Meeting Place.
Choose a spot to reunite in your yard, your neighborhood, or even out of town in case you must evacuate.

Give Everyone a Job.
Designate a different family member to be responsible for the care of pets, children, elderly family members or medical equipment.

Learn Your Schools’ Emergency Plan.
Let your kids and the school know who can pick up children in an emergency.

Write Down Numbers for Emergency Services.
Include service providers, veterinarians, your insurance company, and doctors. Once you’ve created your plan, give everyone in your household a copy. Then prepare a “Go Kit”.


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