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September/October 2019

Curb Holiday Spending

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Now is the time to prepare financially for the holidays.

Be Accountable
Set a holiday budget. Create a list of items you intend to buy with expected prices, and match the total cost to your budget. Hold yourself accountable.

Be Thrifty
You can find coupons for just about anything online, in print and through apps. Don’t buy a sale item if it wasn’t on your original list, no matter how low prices go. No discount is more than the 100% you save by not buying an item.

Be Card-Smart
One of the easiest ways to not overspend during the holidays is to leave your credit cards at home. It’s hard to exceed your budget when you only have cash. If you do use a card, use those with the best cash-back offers for additional savings, and pay your cards off in full each month.

Be Money-Smart
If the thought is what counts, consider baking cookies and gifting them in a nice tin during the holidays. Host a potluck dinner or dessert gathering rather than exchanging gifts with friends. Most likely, they will appreciate the money savings and the relaxing time together.


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