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September/October 2019

Preparing Financially for Winter

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Severe snow, ice and cold are not laughing matters. They increase the number of vehicle accidents and cause blackouts, property damage, hypothermia, heart attacks and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Caulk leaky windows and weatherstrip your exterior doors to keep the cold out and heat in. If power outages are common, consider buying a gas generator, but make sure to keep it outside your home to vent.

Make sure your storm drains are clear of debris so water can flow off your roof properly during a warm-up, and clear your walkways to prevent serious slips and falls, as well as potential financial liability. Check that you have the right amount of property and liability insurance, and consider disability income insurance.

Make sure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working, and clear your heating system’s outdoor vents to let the poisonous gas escape. If you live in a heavy snow area, keep a roof shovel to prevent collapses. Create an emergency survival kit in case you become stranded in your vehicle.

The following tips and the federal government website can help you prepare and survive severe winter weather.


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