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July/August 2024

How Much Risk Can You Take?

Whether your dream is to climb Mount Everest or sail the Caribbean in a pontoon boat, the amount of risk you feel comfortable with is different for everyone. That applies to investment risk, too. But how can you find your comfort level?

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Understanding Bond Funds

Investors whose goal is to preserve capital may want to consider investing in bond funds. Bond funds* offer diversification while minimizing the risk of losing principal. Funds pay regular interest that can provide investors with a predictable income stream during retirement.

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Saving on Energy Costs

If energy costs take a significant bite out of your monthly budget, there are steps you can take to lower them. Here are some ideas.

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Handling an Inheritance

Studies show a significant gap between what millennials expect to inherit from their baby boomer parents and how much their parents plan to leave them.*

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Kiddie Tax 2024

If your child has an investment or other unearned income above a certain threshold, that income may be subject to the kiddie tax.

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What Will They Do With Their Inheritance

The children of Baby Boomers are set to inherit significant wealth from their parents over the next decades.

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Financial Abuse: A Means of Control

Financial abuse is on the rise. It can affect partners in a romantic relationship or elderly people who are cared for by another adult. By recognizing the signs of abuse, you can take steps to prevent it from happening to you or a loved one.

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Insurance: What Do Business Owners Really Need?

An online survey conducted in December 2023* revealed that 23% of U.S. consumers said they were thinking about starting a new business in 2024. At the top of the list for new — and current — business owner should have insurance protection for their families and businesses.

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