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September/October 2022

Remote Workers Need to Feel They are Part of Your Team

Remote Workers Need to Feel They are Part of Your Team

Because you don’t see them every day, you may forget they’re an integral part of your team. But remote workers need meaningful interaction with managers and staff just as much as employees who are in the office. A little effort is all it takes to ensure that people who work from home are engaged with their jobs and feel part of the group.

Connection Is Key
Since they’re not in the office every day, employees who work from home may feel disconnected from the company. You can help by providing opportunities for remote workers to interact with their coworkers in the office. Include remote employees in staff sessions through video conferencing or Zoom meetings. If possible, design social media intranet sites to bring teams together.

Goals—A Driving Force
Career growth is important to employees—and increases retention. While in-office staff are exposed to a variety of positions within the company, remote workers may not know what’s possible. An internal career site that showcases potential job opportunities can help. Additionally, managers should make the discussion of career goals and personal growth part of the onboarding process and every performance review.

In-Office Experience
Bringing remote employees into the office can go a long way toward integrating them with in-office staff. Consider conducting onboarding training at your business location so employees who’ll be working from home can meet in-person team members and other employees. Conferences and career development training present other opportunities for remote workers to come to the workplace.

A Job Well Done
Praise for exemplary work is important to morale, but it can be difficult for employees who aren’t in the office to talk about any successful outcomes they’ve had on the job. Make it a point to regularly check in and encourage remote employees to share their successes with you.

Stressful for Workers
Working in isolation from the rest of the team can have undesirable consequences. Monitor remote employees for signs of burnout, unhappiness and despondency that could affect job performance and impact retention.


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