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September/October 2017

Make the Best of a Bad Decision

Everyone makes mistakes. But when it comes to investing, making a poor decision can sometimes cause more regret than is warranted by the blunder. Take a look at a few common moves that sometimes cause investor remorse.

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Consider Taxes in a Partial Sale

Generally, when you sell shares of stock, your gain or loss is the difference between the original cost and the selling price, less any transaction fees. But how do you calculate gain or loss if you sell only a portion of your shares that you’ve acquired over time?

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Making the Choice for You

Joining your employer’s retirement plan typically means choosing investments. But what happens if you don’t choose any investments?

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Cashing In

In addition to providing a death benefit, permanent life insurance builds cash value during your lifetime. If you want access to the funds, the following strategies may be available for tapping into your policy’s cash value.

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More Funds, Less Variety

How many mutual funds are too many?

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Wall Street "Fright Night"

Already think investing can be a little scary? These terms heard on and off the trading floor might make you believe Halloween has paid a visit to Wall Street.

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Family Gifts — Keep Goals in Mind

Before you choose a strategy for sharing your wealth, you’ll want to think carefully about the issues involved and your own expectations for recipients.

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"Chex" Your Bank Accounts

Did you know that you can also get a free annual report that shows the activity on your bank accounts?

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Make a Budget with Your Teen

A part-time job after school or on weekends may not pay a fortune, but it does mean your teen is earning money. So it may be time to ask your teen to pay some of his or her own expenses.

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Don't Just Renew — Review!

When open enrollment time rolls around, reviewing your 2018 benefit choices — instead of just renewing your current benefits — should be a priority.

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Look Around You

Get out the video camera — or at least your cell phone. Time to start snapping some pictures of the contents of your home.

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Keeper's Checklist

Should you hold on to that investment or sell it? The following checklist may help you decide.

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Financial Info: Be Ready To Grab and Go!

Disasters — natural or otherwise — can occur with little warning. Would you be able to track down important documents if you had to leave your home in a hurry?

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The No Penalty Zone

But what if you need a substantial amount of cash before retirement? Under certain circumstances, early withdrawals may qualify for an exception to the penalty.

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On the Inside

You may think of “insider trading” as an illegal stock transaction. But not all insider trading is illegal.

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Borrowing: The Golden Rule

If your college-bound child learns only one thing before heading off to campus, it should be this: Don’t borrow more than you really need. Make sure your student keeps these important lessons in mind.

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Short-term Parking

Looking for a place to park cash? What you’re saving for and how soon you’ll need the money can help you choose.

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