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January/February 2018

Review and Reset

The New Year is a good time to revisit, review and adjust your investing goals to account for changes in your life.

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Diversification: So Many Choices

Diversifying your investments is important because you want the right proportions of different investments to match your risk profile and goals. But did you know you can diversify in multiple ways within asset classes?

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Resolution Reset—Learning to Take Small Bites

If your 2018 resolutions are ancient history, don’t worry—you’re not alone. Many people don’t follow through on their resolutions because they try to achieve lofty goals all at once.

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When You Need Growth Potential

The answer to the question, “What are growth stocks?” may seem obvious, but there’s more to them than their name implies.

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What's in a Sector?

Researching stocks is anything but boring. Let’s look at each sector and a partial list of the industries in each.

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Divident Investing

When you invest in publicly traded stocks that pay dividends, you invest in companies that can potentially pay you now and later.

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The Race for Financial Aid

Now you can file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid on October 1, and you can use older tax information, too.

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Curtain A or Curtain B?

Colleges and universities want your student, who has multiple acceptance letters. How do you help your student choose?

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The Value of a Dollar

Every day, business news anchors compare the value of the U.S. dollar to the world’s major currencies. What does this mean to you?

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Still Time for Tax Deductions

If you didn’t get to open a traditional IRA or Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) last year, you still have until the April 2018 tax filing deadline to open and contribute to one.

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Got a Side Hustle?

For some, the side hustle is a little extra money supplementing a fulltime job. For others, gigging is a living.

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Cover Yourself

Freelancing fulltime has its pros and cons.

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Working into "Retirement"

You may want to work past normal retirement age to build up your retirement kitty or just because you love working. Either way, you should understand Social Security payments and Medicare.

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The One Rule You Need to Know at Age 70

The main component of your financial life in retirement may be your retirement plan income. Know the rules.

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What's a Convertible?

It’s a stock. It’s a bond. It’s… it’s a convertible!

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Another Alternative

You might think alternative investments are only for hedge funds investors. Yet, they’re making their way into popular mutual fund families.

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Three Reasons to Consider Life Insurance

There are many reasons to own life insurance. Let’s consider just three.

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Time is On Your Side

You’re just beginning your career and retirement seems a million miles away. Yet, now is the absolute best time to get serious about retirement savings. Here’s why.

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