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July/August 2018

Cut Your Utility Bill

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As you consider your electric bills with the air conditioning blasting this summer, why not consider ways to save on energy costs all year? Weatherproofing your home is usually an inexpensive way to save.

Check Your Windows
Poorly insulated windows may need replacing, resetting or simply re-caulking. An energy consultant and even some energy providers may help you identify these and other areas where you can do better.

Stop Your Energy Loss at the Door
If you can shove a piece of cardboard under your door or see light through where your door jamb and door meet, you need to better weather-strip your door.

Put a Coat on Them
A coat of insulated tubing or fabric can stop energy escaping from pipes and water heaters.

Use Mother Nature
Open shades on sunny winter days and close them on hot summer days to make the most of what the sun provides.


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