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May/June 2018

Tough but Doable

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Millennials have it harder than their parents did when it comes to saving for retirement. Your obstacles may seem insurmountable, but they’re not. It may be difficult, but you can find money to put away for retirement.

Multiple Obstacles

It’s well-documented that millennials aren’t starting off with the same advantages their parents had. College debt rises in lockstep with tuition prices. Salaries remain relatively stagnant, with beginner salaries at the bottom rung. Rents are high, home prices have recovered and it’s no wonder some millennials still live with mom and dad.
There is Hope

Despite these challenges, you have hope. The newest employer benefit is help paying off college debt. Also look for the best deal to consolidate your student loans. Create a budget and find the pennies for retirement that will add up over time. Know that you’ll be responsible for your own retirement, so contribute to your employer plan at least the amount your employer may match.


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