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May/June 2018

Where the Jobs Are

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The Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the highest concentration of occupations in each state. Are you graduating with a degree in organizational psychology? Virginia has more of these jobs than any other state, about 11 times the national rate. If you’ll leave college with a biomedical engineering degree, Massachusetts has 5.7 times more jobs in your field than the national rate. Political Science jobs? No surprise here: Washington D.C. has 119 times the national rate.

Something for Everyone

You don’t need a college degree for many of the jobs. Alaska has mining machine operators, Nevada has gaming service workers and Wisconsin has floor sanders. Then there are jobs that may require advanced degrees, like astronomers in Arizona, physicists in New Mexico, and atmospheric and space scientists in Colorado.
Still Thinking?

If you haven’t picked a career yet, location is obviously not the only consideration. Whether you’re a college student who’s contemplating what career to choose or you’re in the workforce and thinking about switching careers, consider interning first. Performing the tasks of a particular job is usually much different than what you’ve imagined from taking coursework.

Ultimately, the best career won’t feel like a job, but an extension of your life and passion. Students might
work with career counselors to find their best fit.


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