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May/June 2024

Time for a Mid-Year Portfolio Check

As 2024 approaches the halfway point, it is a smart move to review your portfolio to determine the impact of market fluctuations and make any needed changes to stay on track with your investment strategy.

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Diversify to Mitigate Risk

Small business owners may find that most of their net worth is tied up in their business. But what happens if your business takes a downturn? Diversification is the key to reducing risk to your personal and business wealth.

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Roth IRA: A Good Fit for Your Goals?

Traditional and Roth individual retirement accounts are both good choices for retirement investing. A Roth IRA offers tax advantages when you’re ready to withdraw your money, while traditional IRA contributions are tax-deferred until you make withdrawals. Reviewing both IRA options can help you decide.

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Split Interest Trusts: The Basics

Split interest trusts are created to provide for both charitable and non-charitable beneficiaries. Donors can support an organization or a cause while still arranging for themselves or their loved ones to benefit from the assets placed in the trust.

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Help with Summer Camp Costs

Parents who send their child to summer camp may be able to deduct some of their expenses. The Child and Dependent Care Credit provides a tax break to working parents or guardians of children age 13 or younger or a dependent who is disabled. Parents who are full-time students or who are unemployed and looking for work may also qualify for the credit.

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The Average Cost of a Funeral

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average cost of a funeral with burial is $7,848 — $9,420 if a vault is included. At $6,971, cremation costs slightly less. Here’s a cost breakdown of select items.

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Should You Prepay Funeral Costs

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Walk Down the Aisle for Less

Beginning life as a married couple with significant debt can place a strain on your finances and relationship. Wedding costs can be exorbitant, but you can find ways to control them. In addition to setting a wedding budget, consider these ideas for trimming costs.

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