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March/April 2018

Clock's Ticking for Tax Savings

Looking to save more for retirement and reduce your tax bill now and in the future? Consider opening a traditional or Roth IRA.

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Take it or Leave it?

When you leave your company due to job change or retirement, you may have a choice of how to handle your 401(k) account balance. Do you take it with you or leave it be?

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You Control Your Social Security Benefits

Social Security provides supplemental income for your retirement income, so how much or little you get from this important program can matter. What are the major factors that will affect what you receive?

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Invest with Your Heart

Socially responsible investments (SRI) have blossomed into other areas, including ESG (environmental, social and governance) and impact investing. How are they the same and how do they differ?

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Frontier Stocks

With a large percentage of the world’s population and an increasing presence in global markets, BRICS countries are not the new investing options they once were, but their stocks still have a large amount of potential risk and reward.

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Work Longer or Accept Less

Did you know that you can increase your permanent payment for each year you delay the benefit until age 70?

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Is College Worth the Cost?

That’s the question some people are asking as the cost of college — and college debt — continues to rise.

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Tax-Smart Distribution Strategies

If you are a tax-smart investor, you may want to look for ways to lessen the effect taxes can have on your investments. Once you retire, you’ll have a different concern: which distributions to take first in a tax-friendly manner.

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Avoid Pump and Dump Stocks

Do you get email and snail mail solicitations for pump and dump stocks?

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Monitor Your Credit

After the Equifax hack took center stage in 2017, most Americans are paying more attention to safeguarding their credit information. Here are a few ways you can make your credit information more secure.

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College: When Money's Tight

If you haven’t saved all you wanted for a loved one’s college education, take heart in knowing there are a variety of ways to lessen the impact of increasing costs.

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Complications Ahead: Non-Spousal IRAs

If you inherit an IRA from someone who wasn’t your spouse, you will likely face complications.

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Four Ways to Save for Anything

Little steps can equal big results in savings over time. Here are four ways to save for just about anything.

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Eight Reasons You Need an Emergency Fund

Why do you need an emergency fund? Let us count the ways!

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Low-Tech Saving

Whether you juggle multiple financial obligations or just can’t visualize longer-term goals, saving can be hard. If you are saving for a vacation, a new vehicle or even a down payment on a home, consider filling a “hopes and dreams” jar.

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A Little This, A Little That

In the world of investing, many people overlook an important part of the market: mid-cap stocks. What are they and
how might they fit in your portfolio? Let’s take a look.

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It's about Life (Insurance)

Some 60 million American households need more life insurance, but only one in four will shop for life insurance over the next 12 months. Fewer still will actually buy the coverage they need.

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Estimating Future Taxes

Did you underestimate your tax bill? It doesn’t have to be this way next year.

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