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May/June 2018

State Taxes and Estate Planning

Many do not realize that state inheritance and estate taxes can take a bite out of an inheritance windfall. Some states have estate taxes, others call them inheritance taxes and one state even has both taxes.

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All Abroad!

If you’re a college student who will study abroad, there are a few things you should consider before starting out on this adventure.

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Where the Jobs Are

The Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the highest concentration of occupations in each state.

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Money Smarts for College Grads

You’re pondering the start of student loan repayment and beginning a new career. So what do you do? Begin saving for retirement, of course.

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Take Control of Your Future

Most of us are familiar with an airline attendant grabbing a microphone to recite safety instructions while the plane taxis before takeoff. Toward the end, the attendant emphasizes that in an emergency, passengers with children must put oxygen masks on themselves before doing the same with children.

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Leaving a Legacy

If you have considerable wealth — and even if you don’t — you might wonder how to leave a financial legacy behind for a beloved organization or favorite charity.

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Passing it On

During the next two to three decades, baby boomers will pass potentially trillions of dollars on to their children
and grandchildren. What would you do with a large inheritance?

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Risk is Relative

You may have heard the caution about investing according to your risk tolerance. But what is risk?

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Beyond Automatic

When economist Richard Thaler won the Nobel Prize in 2017, it triggered memories of his belief that retirement plan sponsors could use investors’ inertia to help them invest better for retirement. Today, companies use tools to do this all the time.

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More than Stocks

When investors seek to provide some stability to their investment portfolios, they often look toward mutual funds that invest in highly rated corporate bonds. This type of fixed income investment isn’t, however, the only type of corporate bond available.

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Notes, Bills and Bonds

Bonds aren’t the only type of fixed-income investing. In the world of debt instruments, bonds, bills and notes differ by their maturity, or when they pay interest.

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Summer Doldrums

Summer is a time when many things in our lives slow down, including the stock market. During this lull, why not revisit how and why you’re investing, examine changes in your life and revisit your investing approach? Ask yourself these questions and find the answers to them.

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Tough but Doable

Millennials have it harder than their parents did when it comes to saving for retirement. Your obstacles may seem insurmountable, but they’re not. It may be difficult, but you can find money to put away for retirement.

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ABC's of HSAs

Although health insurance deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs continue to rise, one good thing has come out of this recent turmoil: Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). A benefit that is similar to a 401(k) plan, HSAs are growing both in the number of accounts and average contributions made to them.

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How Much to Invest in an HSA

While more people are using Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) to help pay for rising healthcare costs, many of them are not familiar with the investing options they may have available to them. Should you put all your money into a cash option or into more aggressive 401(k)-plan types of investments? A lot depends on your health.

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Too Conservative?

Is there such a thing as investing too conservatively?

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Time for an Insurance Audit

Summer’s around the corner and wind, rain and firestorms will follow. Even if you understand the need for protection like property and health insurance, you may find yourself uninsured or underinsured for certain events.

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It's About Life

You probably know that life insurance provides financial protection for loved ones. But did you know that life insurance can also play a role in simple or complex estates?

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