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January/February 2022

How Much Should You Save?

How Much Should You Save

Determining how much you need to save is different for everyone, but here are a few general guidelines that apply to most people.

Your Emergency Fund
Money you set aside in an emergency fund can help pay for an unanticipated repair or medical bill or cover your living costs while you’re not working. Your goal should be to save 6-12 months’ worth of expenses in a savings or money market account that allows you quick, penalty-free access to your cash.

Your Savings
The amount you save for a specific goal, such as a new car, a down payment on a house or a vacation, will vary, depending on what you’re saving for and when you’ll need the money.

Your Retirement
The general rule is to save at least 15% to 20% of your income in a retirement account. Make sure you save enough to take advantage of any company matching funds, at a minimum, and save more if you can.


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